License Activation

As long as no license has been activated for LiveConfig, it runs in demo mode. This means that no changes can be made, no configuration files can be created, etc. In addition, a corresponding warning is displayed on the login page.

To activate your license, simply call LiveConfig with the --activate option. It will then be checked whether there is already an activated license, otherwise you will be asked for the activation code.


To activate the license, LiveConfig sends an encrypted request to the license server ( Only the license code you entered and your (external) IP address are transmitted - nothing more.

#> /usr/sbin/liveconfig --activate
 _    _          ___           __ _     (R)
| |  (_)_ _____ / __|___ _ _  / _(_)__ _
| |__| \ V / -_) (__/ _ \ ' \|  _| / _` |
|____|_|\_/\___|\___\___/_||_|_| |_\__, |_____________________________________
Welcome to the LiveConfig license activation.
License key file: '/etc/liveconfig/liveconfig.key'
Please enter your license key: #####-#####-#####
Generating license activation request, please wait... ok.
Connecting to ([###.###.###.###]:443)... ok.
Sending license activation request... ok.
=> License successfully activated.

If the license activation was successful, the license key received from the license server is saved (see configuration setting license_file). Otherwise, the corresponding error message is displayed.

If LiveConfig is already running at the time of activation, please restart it so that the new license data can be read: service liveconfig restart.

The license key is usually valid for one month, LiveConfig automatically renews it.

For automated license activation, the license key can also be passed in an environment variable called LCLICENSEKEY when running LiveConfig with the argument --activate - in this case there is no interactive query.

Replacing the license

If you want to replace a license code - for example if you have previously used a test license and now have your own license code - proceed as follows:

  1. delete the old license file (usually /etc/liveconfig/liveconfig.key)

  2. activate the new license code (see above: liveconfig --activate)

  3. restart LiveConfig to read in the new license code (e.g. service liveconfig restart)

Last updated on Jun 29, 2020.
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