Product overview

LiveConfig is a hosting control panel software. Once installed on a server, it enables you to configure service (like webspace, e-mail, databases) using just your web browser.

You don’t need to manually edit configuration files any more. Users can edit their settings and change their passwords by themselves.

Differences to Pl*sk and cP*nel

  • LiveConfig is really multi-server capable. You can even deploy a webspace subscription on different servers (webspace on server A, e-mail on server B, databases on server C).
  • LiveConfig doesn’t install custom/modified software packages. It configures just the software provided by your preferred distribution. So you also keep getting all security updates through your Linux distribution.
  • LiveConfig doesn’t require PHP or Perl to run. Forget the dependency hell when upgrading your Linux distribution. LiveConfig is a completely self-contained software (written in superfast C/C++). There’s also no reason for PHP on a dedicated mail server.
  • LiveConfig is absolutely slim. The installation package is just <10MB small. Keep your server tidy.
  • Competitive pricing - LiveConfig is not owned by a financial investor.

Typical use cases

Shared Web Hosting

With LiveConfig you control your shared hosting servers comfortable and flexible. You can create different hosting plans, manage permissions and resources of your customers, and provide certain services like e-mail or databases on central servers. If necessary just add more servers, and manage them centrally with LiveConfig.

Managed Servers

Allow your customers on managed servers to perform specific activities such as creating users or configuring web space by themselves. You and your customers have always an overview on the use of resources, such as traffic consumption.

Dedicated servers (“root servers”)

On dedicated servers LiveConfig facilitates you to configure a variety of services: web server, mail server and DNS server are easily managed through a Web interface. LiveConfig creates the configuration files exactly as it is expected by the distribution used.

Sounds like magic?

Too good to be real? No. Just give it a try - log in to the online demo, or install on your own server using a free trial license.