Manage Apache & NGINX, switch server software & PHP version per domain


Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, auto-configuration, outbound spam prevention, DKIM, DANE/TLSA


DNSSEC, Dynamic DNS, custom DNS records

SSL management

Fully integrated and automated SSL, free certificates from Let’s Encrypt & AlwaysOnSSL

Two Factor Authentication

Google Authenticator (RFC6238 TOTP), FIDO U2F Tokens (WebAuthn Standard)

Application Installer

Install popular web applications with a few clicks, eg. WordPress, Joomla!, phpMyAdmin, etc.

multi-server capable

Manage multiple servers within one interface. Distribute services among different servers.

free choice of distribution

Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, CloudLinux, openSUSE

easy to install & update

Receive updates automatically via software repository.


LiveConfig just touches as less config files as possible.

highly customizable

Customize configuration generation, web interface, …

simple licensing

Only three different editions, very competitive pricing.