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LiveConfig is a lean software for convenient and secure administration of servers through a modern, SSL-protected web interface. It automatically detects the distribution and its software packages, and configures them using open and customizable scripts.
LiveConfig is nominated for the eco Internet Award 2015! Cross your fingers for the gala on June 25th 2015!
LiveConfig Server Overview

Minimally Invasive

LiveConfig automatically detects on which distribution it is installed and configures their packages, instead of imposing proprietary packages.


With only two clicks you can enable DNSSEC for a domain. LiveConfig cares about generation and rollover of the key data.

Multi-server capability

Multiple servers can be centrally managed under a single interface. Webspace, databases and e-mail on different servers? No Problem!

No PHP/MySQL required

LiveConfig is written in C/C++ und thus doesn't need PHP. Side effects after PHP updates are no matter for LiveConfig.


Various methods of two-factor-authentication, a configurable password policy and many more functions protect the access to LiveConfig.


You can access LiveConfig also without a browser by using the integrated SOAP API.

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