Changes in version 2.9.3 (03/03/2020):

  • fixed problem regarding Let’s Encrypt update when MySQL was being used as backend database

Changes in version 2.9.2 (03/03/2020):

  • allow downloading list of SSL certificates as CSV file
  • added option to disable TLSv1/TLSv1.1 per IP group for web server
  • added SOAP methods HostingDCVCreate()/HostingDCVDelete()
  • improved systemd configuration of liveconfig/lcclient
  • ACMEv2: some fixes to work with Let’s Encrypt Staging API
  • automated renewal of SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt affected by their “CAA rechecking bug”
  • lcphp: PHP_BINARY environment variable got lost
  • SAN domains were ignored in SSL orders (v2.9.x)

Changes in version 2.9.1 (12/13/2019):

  • SSL certificates: added filter option “only own certificates”
  • salutation (contact data) can now be left empty
  • table search string wasn’t saved during page refresh
  • fixed display of version number in “Servers” report
  • fixed bug (missing permissions) when adding a FTP user as an additional LiveConfig user
  • fixed missing permission check when editing domains at “my hosting” as additional LiveConfig user
  • comparing HC_REFRESHCFG with version number (revision number not available any more)
  • fixed bug in quota check when editing mailboxes

Changes in version 2.9.0 (11/29/2019):

  • Let’s Encrypt: retry domain validation after HTTP errors (eg. timeout with Let’s Encrypt API) every 15 minutes
  • the DNS checks for automated SSL/TLS certificates can now be individually skipped (e.g. when using a CDN)
  • when private IPv4 addresses are used (without corresponding IP_NAT data) then the DNS checks for Let’s Encrypt are automatically skipped
  • it’s now possible to change the PHP CLI used by the Application Installer (using Lua variable LC.web.PHPCLI)
  • automatic configuation of automated SSL certificates can now optionally be disabled (using checkboxes in order form)
  • allow binding Postfix only to localhost (
  • when an additional admin user adds a new server, he now automatically gets all permissions for that server
  • when a domain is deleted, optionally all assigned SSL certificates can be deleted too
  • improved detection of matching wildcard SSL certificates when configuring subdomains
  • list of SSL certificates can now be filtered (expired, unassigned, …)
  • mass mails aren’t sent to suspended customers any more (can be enabled via checkbox)
  • overview of SSL jobs (start page) doesn’t show entries of suspended customers any more
  • allow editing e-mail addresses of Let’s Encrypt accounts
  • display HTTPS links in AppInstaller if domain is configured with SSL
  • AppInstaller: uninstall sometimes failed when directory of application didn’t yet exist or was already deleted before uninstall
  • deleting a domain with existing mailboxes as reseller sometimes returned an error (missing permissions)
  • end users with hosting plans created via GUI didn’t have the permission to view the LiveConfig event log
  • fixed display error when editing a subdomain while parent domain has “(+www)” configuration enabled, preferring the “.www” subdomain
  • fixed bug when merging www/non-www subdomains if they were configured as redirect
  • don’t allow to automatically order SSL certificate when adding a new domain if user has no SSL management permissions
  • fixed bug when adding an automated SSL certificate with automatic HTTPS redirect (non-webspace targets where configured incorrectly)
  • fixed bug when configuring FPM with default PHP on CentOS (wrong directory for pool configuration)
  • lcsam: removed duplicate line breaks in X-Spam-Report