Quota Warning

LiveConfig automatically sends a warning message as soon as the mailbox is 80% or 95% full so that e-mail users receive information about when the storage space of their mailbox is used up. This mail will also be delivered to the mailbox if it is completely “full”.

The file /etc/liveconfig/mailquota.txt serves as a template for this warning message. The following replacements are made:




E-mail address of the mailbox concerned


current date/time (RFC822 format)


quota level exceeded (“80” or “95”)

The warning message is only sent when the respective threshold (80% or 95%) is exceeded for the first time. If the fill level falls below 80% again, no notification is sent. If the filling level of 80/95% is reached again at some point, a notification is sent again.

Postfix Configuration

You have the option of including your own settings in the Postfix configuration files main.cf and master.cf. For changes in the main.cf, create a table called postfix.LOCALCONFIG in the custom.lua.


postfix.LOCALCONFIG = {
  ["authorized_mailq_users"] = "root, nrpe, $mail_owner"

For changes in master.cf, create a table called postfix.LOCALMASTER. This table is two-dimensional - the keys of the first level describe the service, those of the second level the type (e.g. fifo, inet or unix). To add a service or a type or to overwrite an existing configuration, define this completely. To delete a service or an individual type, set it to an empty string. The settings of a service type are passed as a simple array (private, unpriv, chroot, wakeup, maxproc, command), optional parameters are passed as a separate array.

In the following example, the configuration of the types unix and inet for the service smtp is completely overwritten, the service submission is deleted, and for the service virtual only the type unix is deleted:

postfix.LOCALMASTER = {
  ["smtp"] = { ["unix"] = { "-", "-", "n", "-", "-", "smtp", {
                 "-o inet_protocols=ipv4",
                 "-o inet_interfaces=all"
               } },
               ["inet"] = { "n", "-", "n", "-", "-", "smtpd", { } }
  ["submission"] = "",
  ["virtual"] = { ["unix"] = "" }

Then you have to restart LiveConfig (so that the custom.lua is read in again) and save the Postfix settings again under Server Management -> E-Mail. The values from the postfix.LOCALCONFIG or postfix.LOCALMASTER table may also overwrite the settings generated by LiveConfig.

Use completely your own configuration

If you want to use your own Postfix configuration (or if LiveConfig should not overwrite the master.cf and main.cf), then include the following instruction in the custom.lua:

postfix.NOUPDATE = true

The tables (virtual_alias, virtual_domains etc.) are still updated by LiveConfig.

Dovecot Configuration

To include your own options in the Dovecot configuration, create a file called /etc/dovecot/dovecot.local.conf. Then save the settings again in the Dovecot administration in LiveConfig. LiveConfig creates the new dovecot.conf and includes the dovecot.local.conf via include instruction.

Last updated on Sep 16, 2020.
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