We simply use no cookies at all. That’s it. :-)

    Some applications (e.g. shop, license portal, forum) allow automatic registration (or “keep logged in”) using a cookie - this is optional and only limited to the respective application. There is no evaluation or consolidation of this application-related cookie data.

    Duration of data storage

    Personal data is only stored for the duration of the contractual relationship and deleted after it has ended properly (including after all claims have been paid) or after the statutory retention periods have expired.

    Data without a contractual relationship (e.g. with test licenses) will be deleted at the latest one year after the last customer activity.

    In the case of fraud (e.g. fake orders, intentionally incorrect data, etc.), all relevant data remains stored until the case is closed - this can be done by settling all claims or by setting up an investigation.

    Non-personal data are usually only saved until the next evaluation by statistical software and then deleted.

    Billing-relevant data (e.g. log files for access to license data) will be saved until the objection period expires after the invoice has been issued and in accordance with the applicable legal regulations.

    Restricted use and transfer of data

    We will never pass on any personal data without your expressly approval - including e-mail addresses. We also do not publish the names of reference customers without their prior written approval.

    We take all necessary measures to protect personal data against unauthorized access, manipulation, deletion or unauthorized publication. Both the organizational and technical measures for this are constantly being adapted to new requirements and improved.

    Right of access to personal data

    You are always entitled to request information about the data stored about your person. Please make such request in writing by post/fax or e-mail to us; we will answer them as soon as possible. If stored data is incorrect, please let us know. We will then promptly replace this data with appropriate correct data.

    Any questions? The please contact us.