Using the interfaces described in this chapter, external applications can communicate with LiveConfig, and its features can be customized and extended. So you can adapt LiveConfig to special environments and connect to external systems like order management or CRM.


Please note that API commands can’t be easily undone. For development and tests of your own applications we recommend to set up a separate test environment.

LiveConfig provides three different programming interfaces:

  • SOAP API - for remote controlling

    This API is best suited for automatically creating any objects and to connect LiveConfig to existing order systems, billing systems or provisioning systems.

  • Lua API - for customizations

    Using this interface, LiveConfig controls and configures all managed servers. Here you can customize the creation of config files for your own hosting environment.

  • IFRAME API - for extensions

    With “custom links” you can integrate own web pages into the LiveConfig user interface.

Last updated on Apr 13, 2020.
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