About us

The history of LiveConfig® goes back to 1999. At that time there were quite few web hosting companies and hardly any standardized software for server configuration. A control-panel solution developed for a single web host at the time quickly aroused interest from other providers. Finally in 2009 the decision was made to develop our own product - “LiveConfig®” was born.

After a development period of only 14 months and an extensive test phase, LiveConfig® was presented to the public for the first time at CeBIT 2011.

Around ten years after the launch, LiveConfig® is a reliable partner of more than 200 web hosting companies (mainly in German-speaking countries).


Our declared goal is to offer the most reliable, simplest and leanest software for managing and configuring servers. With our own experience in web hosting and in close contact with hundreds of hosting providers, this is done as close as possible to the customer.

Awards and nominations

eco Internet Award 2013 nominee eco Internet Award 2015 nominee HSP Summit Award 2014


LiveConfig is developed in Erlangen (Franconia - Bavaria - Germany). Agile processes, versatile development tools and a powerful build and test environment are the most important ingredients for such a complex software.

For example, every LiveConfig build is fully automatically installed, tested and then removed on all supported distributions. We use static and dynamic code analysis tools, automated error messages and semi-automatic error analysis. Thanks to continuous integration, we can deploy a build in about an hour.

Sustainability and environmental protection

We attach great importance to sustainability. That means: only fairly traded coffee and tea in the office, stationery and advertising material made from recycled paper or (if not available) at least CO2-neutral, 100% green electricity for our servers, and much more.