Installing the ionCube Loader

Some PHP applications require the ionCube-Loader. To enable this for a webspace managed by LiveConfig, follow these steps:

  1. download the loader package from the ionCube website (for Linux you usually need the package for Linux (64 bits))
  2. extract the files on your web server, eg. into the directory /usr/local/lib
  3. log in to LiveConfig as admin. At HostingPHP settings click the new option… button at the end of the page
  4. as name for this new option enter zend_extension
  5. select the type extension
  6. as „Value“ enter the full path to the ionCube loader. For PHP 5.6 this would be /usr/local/lib/ioncube/ioncube_loader_lin_5.6.so
  7. keep the setting enabled set to no
  8. set Override to by customer (so your customers can enable or disable the ionCube loader for their websites by themselves)
  9. at PHP-Version select for which PHP versions the configured extension works (for PHP 5.6.x you enter >=5.6 and <5.7)
  10. finally click the save button, and in the list of PHP settings the apply changes button.

Customers can now edit their PHP settings at HostingWebspace and enable the new zend_extension there.

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