allowed .htaccess options


With .htaccess options you can control some configuration options of the Apache web server. Often CMS or complex web applications require certain .htaccess settings. This page gives an overview on the .htaccess options allowed with LiveConfig.


The following options can be enabled or disabled:

  • Indexes
  • MultiViews
  • SymLinksIfOwnerMatch
  • IncludesNOEXEC (if Server-Side Includes are allowed, but CGI not)
  • Includes (if both Server-Side Includes and CGI are allowed)
  • ExecCGI (if CGI is allowed)

The options All and FollowSymLinks can not be set or modified.

If your application uses the .htaccess command

Options +FollowSymLinks

then this will usually lead to an error message from the web server. Just disable this by commenting:

# Options +FollowSymLinks

Alternatively you may replace FollowSymLinks with SymLinksIfOwnerMatch (though this option is actually enabled by default).

For a detailed description of these options, please see the Apache documentation.


Rewrite rules (RewriteEngine, RewriteRule, RewriteCond) are usually allowed without any limitations.

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