• Management of resellers, customers and users

    Contact information is organized in "handles". Arbitrary reseller/end customer hirarchies. Multiple users per customer possible. Individual permissions per user possible.

  • Webspace settings

    Configure domains and subdomains. Create e-mail addresses and mailboxes. Add and delete databases. Statistics on resource usage. Directory password protection. Cron jobs. Enable error.log. Live log viewer.

  • PHP settings

    Switch between different PHP versions (eg. 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6). Manage php.ini settings globally, per subscription or by customer.

  • Hosting plans

    End customer plans and reseller plans. Statistics an plan usage. Individually differing plan settings possible.

  • Mailboxes

    Aliases, forwarding, autoresponder, IMAP quota, quota warning, blacklists, whitelists, greylisting, spam tagging (SpamAssassin), antivirus, DKIM.

  • E-Mail autoconfiguration

    Supports AutoConfiguration (Thunderbird, KMail) and AutoDiscover (Outlook 2007 and later).

  • Application Installer

    Installs common web application with a few mouse clicks.

  • System informations

    Informations on CPU, RAM, disk space, traffic, IP addresses.


    Possibility to integrate own order system. Migrate customer data from Confixx to LiveConfig.


    Seamlessly integrate own content (information pages, order systems, CRM, etc.) into LiveConfig.

  • Two Factor Authentication

    Safe login using standardized TOTP method (RFC 6238, e.g. with Google Authenticator) or using FIDO U2F devices (currently only supported by Chrome browser).

Supported Software

  • Apache httpd (2.2.x/2.4.x)

    Virtual hosts, SSL (exclusively/SNI), SSI, CGI (suExec), PHP (suPHP, FastCGI), .htaccess

  • NGINX (0.7+)

    Virtual hosts, SSL (exclusively/SNI), SSI, PHP (FastCGI).

  • MySQL (5.x) / MariaDB / Percona

    Add and delete databases and users. Individual password per database user. Overview on database sizes and tables.

  • ProFTPd / vsftpd

    Virtual FTP accounts.

  • Postfix

    SMTP server. SSL/TLS support. Spam filter (SpamAssassin) and virus filter (ClamAV). DKIM (OpenDKIM). Greylisting (Postgrey).

  • Dovecot

    POP3/IMAP-Server. SSL/TLS support.

  • BIND DNS (9.x)

    Primary, Hidden Primary or Slave. IXFR/AXFR also to external DNS servers. TSIG. DNSSEC.