The next major version of PHP, version 8.0, is planned to be released on 26. November 2020.

What is new in PHP 8 is described in great detail by the developer Brent Rose in his blog. Developers in particular will appreciate the further improvements of the language, while the “ops” look forward to the performance advantages of the JIT compiler.

PHP 8.0 is now in “feature freeze”, so no changes are planned to the current scope. About every two weeks, a new test version is released.

With LiveConfig you can already test PHP 8 comfortably today - whether under Debian/Ubuntu or CentOS/RHEL:

PHP 8 with Debian/Ubuntu

PHP 8 with CentOS/RHEL

Change PHP version

With LiveConfig you can switch the PHP version per subdomain (how this works is described in the hosting manual).

For example, you can create a subdomain, which points to the same start directory as your “normal” website, configure this subdomain with PHP 8 and start testing.