Hosting Control Panel.

LiveConfig is a brand new hosting control panel.
It's written in C/C++, doesn't require PHP
or MySQL
and configures your servers in a way
it is typical for your distribution.

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Start with

IPv6 has finally arrived - more and more end-customers
use this new protocol. LiveConfig supports you with
optional dual stack configuration and an intuitive
address management.

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Less is
sometimes more.

LiveConfig installs 99,5% less files1 than Plesk®
and requires up to 80% less RAM2.

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1) Comparison of number of files installed by Plesk 11.0.9, Confixx 3.9 and LiveConfig 1.6.2-r2195 on 2013/03/18, at the same Debian GNU/Linux 6.0.7 minimal install.
2) Plesk requires in its "VPS optimized" mode still 57 MB RAM, or even 170 MB in Standard mode. Says the boss himself. LiveConfig used about 10 MB RAM.
Plesk and Confixx are registered trademarks of Parallels Holdings Ltd.


LiveConfig version 1.8.2 available. Download now!
Automatic configuration of intermediate CA certificates, many improvements for DNS and NGINX - see changelog


eco Internet Award 2013 Nominee eco Internet Award 2013 Nominee
LiveConfig was nominated for the important innovation award by the eco - Association of the German Internet Industry e.V. in the category Hosting/Housing/Datacenter.

HSP Award 2014 Nominee4th price at the HOSTING & SERVICE PROVIDER Award 2014 in the category Platform Services!

Easy installation

LiveConfig is a fully integrated, standalone solution. It doesn't require PHP, MySQL or Apache, and is available as native installer package (.deb/.rpm/.tbz/...) for all supported platforms.

Multi-server capable

With LiveConfig you can manage multiple servers using a central web interface. Single services like e-mail or MySQL can be rolled out to separate servers.

Integrated statistics

The most important performance values always at a glance, with LiveConfig's integrated statistics.


Server configuration files are modified as conservative as possible. Their structure remains in the way it is typical for your distribution.

Flexible permission management

A customer may have multiple user accounts with separate permissions.

Competent support

LiveConfig is continuously extended and improved. Our friendly and competent support is happy to help you.

Video: LiveConfig in 3 minutes

See in this video how to install LiveConfig, manage all services and create the first subscription - within three minutes.

  • install LiveConfig using a repository
  • manage all services (web, ftp, mail, database)
  • create a hosting plan
  • create the first customer
  • assign a subscription and a domain to the new customer
  • start an admin session as the customer