As long as no license is activated for LiveConfig, it will run in demo mode. This means that no changes can be made, no configuration files be created, and so on. Furthermore a corresponding warning notice will be displayed at the login page.

To activate your license, just run LiveConfig with the argument --activate. If there's no existing license yet, you're asked for the activation code.

To activate a license, LiveConfig sends an encrypted message to the license server ( Only the activation code and your (external) IP address are submitted - nothing else.

#> /usr/sbin/liveconfig --activate
 _    _          ___           __ _     (R)
| |  (_)_ _____ / __|___ _ _  / _(_)__ _
| |__| \ V / -_) (__/ _ \ ' \|  _| / _` |
|____|_|\_/\___|\___\___/_||_|_| |_\__, |_____________________________________
Welcome to the LiveConfig license activation.
License key file: '/etc/liveconfig/liveconfig.key'
Please enter your license key: #####-#####-#####
Generating license activation request, please wait... ok.
Connecting to ([]:443)... ok.
Sending license activation request... ok.
=> License successfully activated.

If license activation was successful, the license key received from the license server will be saved (see configuration option license_file). Otherwise you'll get an appropriate error message.

If LiveConfig was already running while the license was activated, please restart it to load the new license information: /etc/init.d/liveconfig restart.

The license key is valid for one month, LiveConfig extends it automatically.

For an automated license activation you can also submit the activation code in the environment variable LCLICENSEKEY and run LiveConfig with the argument --activate - in this case no interactive input will take place.

Replace License Key

If you want to replace a license key, for instance if you have have used a trial key and now want to install your purchased license key, follow these steps:

  1. delete the old license file (usually /etc/liveconfig/liveconfig.key)

  2. activate the new license code (see above: liveconfig --activate)

  3. restart LiveConfig to read the new license key (/etc/init.d/liveconfig restart)

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