2.8.  Programs and Files

2.8.1.  LiveConfig Server

The LiveConfig server is usually installed at /usr/sbin/liveconfig. The program recognizes following command line arguments:

2.8.2.  Utilities

LiveConfig installs a small bunch of utilities which are explained in detail at Section 3.5.2, “ Hilfsprogramme ”. Because the LiveConfig Server also contains an integrated Client, these utilities will also be installed by the Server package:

Furthermore the following program is installed with the LiveConfig Server:

The program lcdbbackup allows the creation of consistent copies of SQLite databases. When LiveConfig is used with the integrated SQLite database, the database file (configuration option db_name) should periodically be backed up with lcdbbackup. This program ensures that the database copy is consistent (with a normal copy the database file might be in an inconsistent state, the backup would be worthless then).

Execution: lcdbbackup <source file> <destination file>

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