Thank you for choosing LiveConfig®. With LiveConfig you have made a good choice: your servers are managed by one of the most modern and fastest control panels. LiveConfig takes a different approach than other existing products: it automatically detects its environment and manages the software packages from your distribution, rather than imposing own packages throughout the system.

This manual covers all aspects of LiveConfig - from the installation and first steps through monitoring and backup to programming interfaces and extension possibilities.

We hope that this manual will assist you on all matters. If you should miss some information or have any other comments, we would greatly appreciate your feedback!

Your LiveConfig Developer Team


Special instructions for real use cases can be found in our wiki at For example, you can find tutorials about these topics:

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions are answered at This list is constantly being updated.

General Questions

For all other questions about LiveConfig we have forum at This is always the right place for feature requests, technical questions and everything else.

All other inquiries should be directed via e-mail to . Please allow us 1-2 days to process your request.

You can reach us by mail at the following address: Keppler IT GmbH, c/o LiveConfig, Am Weichselgarten 7, 91058 Erlangen, GERMANY.


The following typographical conventions are used throughout this documentation:

  • Commands, program names and user input are written like this: Execute liveconfig with the parameter --help.

  • File and directory names are written like this: Die Datei liveconfig.cfg befindet sich im Verzeichnis /opt/liveconfig/etc/

  • General highlighting, product names etc. look like this: You can not open the file with Microsoft Word.

Screen output looks like this:

$> liveconfig --help
This is some
screen output...

Program examples are written like this:


print "Hello world!\n";


Furthermore, the following symbols are used:

This is a comment.

This is an important notice!


If you discover an error in this manual or have any other suggestions, we look forward to hearing from you! Just drop us an e-mail to . Thank you!

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