1.1. Licensing

LiveConfig is available in three different versions:

  • The Basic License is for private end customers and users of (small) virtual servers (VPS). With this license, up to 10 users can be managed, but no central services, hosting plans, resellers or customers be defined.

  • The Standard License allows unlimited management of one server - no matter how many users or domains will be configured.

  • The Business License additionally allows the management of multiple servers using a single web interface (every managed server needs a valid basic license or standard license).

See the following table for more informations:

  LiveConfig Basic LiveConfig Standard LiveConfig Business
manage customers - yes yes
manage users yes (up to 10) yes yes
manage hosting plans - yes yes
configure web space yes yes yes
configure e-mail yes yes yes
configure DNS yes yes yes
DNSSEC support - yes yes
Let's Encrypt - yes yes
manage multiple servers - - yes [a]
SOAP-API - yes yes

[a] For every additional server an own Basic License or Standard License is required.

A LiveConfig server with a Business License for instance can also manage a server with a Basic License, but then no customers can be configured on that.

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