4.1.  LiveConfig default values

Many default values and limits are managed by LiveConfig in its database table LCDEFAULTS. If a key is not listed in that table, the default value is used.

If you modify a value in this table, you need to restart LiveConfig to load the updated settings.

Key Version Default Description
db.password.minScore 1.8.0 4 Required minimal password complexity for database users (integer number, 0-8)
db.stats.interval 2.2.0 900 Interval (in seconds) between collecting MySQL usage statistics (table count, database size) (≤0: no statistics)
ftp.login.minLength 1.8.0 5 minimal length for FTP login names
ftp.password.minScore 1.8.0 4 Required minimal password complexity for FTP accounts (integer number, 0-8)
liveconfig.web.template 1.8.0 default Name of the web template for the LiveConfig web interface (/usr/share/liveconfig/name.tmpl)
login.concurrent 1.8.3 Contains a whitelist-separated list of LiveConfig accounts which may log in multiple times simultaneously (usually every account may log in only once at a time)
login.help.url 1.8.0 If defined, then a link with the title Help is displayed on the login page, pointing to the URL defined with this key.
login.otp.issuer 1.9.1 LiveConfig Issuer name for OTP tokens (displayed in Google Authenticator app above the OTP code).
login.u2f.enabled 1.9.0 0 Allows registration and use of fido U2F tokens for LiveConfig login.
mail.aliases.limit 1.8.1 10 Maximum number of alias names for a mailbox (integer number, 1-65535)
mail.autoconfig.default 2.1.1 0 Defines whether Autoconfig/Autodiscover is to be enabled automatically for new domains added to LiveConfig.
mail.autoresponder.enabled 2.1.2 1 Defines whether the autoresponder for mailboxes can be configured. If you plan to allow custom sieve scripts (e.g. using ManageSieve) you should disable the autoresponder to prevent your own sieve scripts from being overwritten.
mail.forwards.limit 1.8.1 25 Maximum number of forwarding addresses for a mailbox (integer number, 1-65535)
mail.greylisting.enabled 1.8.0 0 Defines whether Greylisting is to be enabled automatically for new mailboxes (0 or 1)
mail.password.minScore 1.8.0 4 Required password complexity for mailboxes (integer number, 0-8)
mail.quota.default 2.2.0 500 Default quota (MB) for new mailboxes
mail.spam.enabled 1.8.0 0 Defines whether the spam filter is to be enabled automatically for new mailboxes (0 or 1)
mail.spam.prefix 2.2.0 ***Suspected SPAM*** Prefix for the subject of e-mails which where rated as spam-suspected by SpamAssassin. This phrase will be localized into the language of the customer/user, if a translation is available.
mail.spam.reject 1.8.0 5.0 Default threshold for rejecting e-mails by the spam filter (floating point number, 0.0-999)
mail.spam.warn 1.8.0 3.0 Default threshold for marking suspicious e-mails by the spam filter (floating point number, 0.0-999)
mail.weblogin.enabled 1.8.0 0 Defines whether the web login is allowed automatically for new mailboxes (0 or 1)
server.info.dmi 2.2.0 1 Display DMI informations (manufacturer, product name, serial#) on server overview page (0 or 1)
session.timeout 2.0.0 1800 Validity (in seconds) of a session in LiveConfig. If no activity has been detected for this time, the respective user is automatically logged out of LiveConfig.
user.login.leadingNumbers 2.3.2 0 Allow user names (system accounts) starting with numbers (this is not supported by every Linux distribution, so check first!) (0 or 1)
user.password.minScore 1.8.0 4 Required minimal password complexity for LiveConfig accounts (integer number, 0-8)
user.password.saveDays 1.9.1 7 Number of days for which LiveConfig saves the password of new user accounts in a way that it can be sent in cleartext within the e-mail with login informations. After this time only the irreversible hashed password remains in the database. 0 means that LiveConfig doesn't save the cleartext password at all.
user.pwrecover.captcha 2.4.1 0 When set to 1, the password recovery is protected with a captcha. Since LiveConfig v2.4.1 this option is configurable and disabled by default for usability reasons.
user.pwrecover.url 2.4.0 If existing, then the link Forgot password on the login page will point to the given URL. It then is not possible to reset the password through LiveConfig.
webspace.password.minScore 1.8.0 2 Required minimal password complexity for webspace directory protection (integer number, 0-8)
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