The Company

Office Building IGZ / Keppler IT GmbH Since 1999, Keppler IT is active in the hosting market (since 2008 as "Keppler IT GmbH"). We count on more than 15 years of web hosting experience and a solid customer base at home and abroad.

The platform for our hosting products has been developed and constantly expanded by ourselves from the very beginning. From the original collection of various automation scripts and a student research project at the University of Erlangen, the idea for the completely new management software "LiveConfig" was born.

After successful participation in the Business Plan Competition North Bavaria and supported by a technology innovation program of Bavaria, the first version was created in only 14 months. After several months of testing LiveConfig was officially presented for the first time at the CeBIT 2011.

The team of Keppler IT GmbH consists mostly of computer scientists. With training, agile development methods, scope for creativity and the direct contact with our customers, there is a motivating and diversified working atmosphere.


Our declared goal is to offer the best software for (web) server management. LiveConfig is developed and improved by relating to the practice and by intensive exchange with our customers and partners.

Quality Assurance

software made in germany For continuous quality assurance, we rely on a wide range of activities. We try to avoid mistakes and bugs as early as possible using agile software development with powerful tools, centralized version management, an automated build/test platform for Continuous Integration and even manual test protocols before any official release.

So Keppler-IT operates for example a cluster of virtual machines with a vast range of operating systems and distributions in various versions, in which all changes to LiveConfig are tested automatically. The tests are not limited to installation and removal of LiveConfig, but also include simulated inputs via virtual browser, fuzzy tests and load tests.

Cooperations and memberships

Keppler IT GmbH is Certified Solution Provider of the »Linux Professional Institute« (LPI).
BICC-NET connects the information and communication technology sector as part of the Bavarian Cluster Initiative in order to develop new ideas, new knowledge and successful companies.


The founder and CEO Klaus Keppler has studied computer science and business administration at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. Parallel to his studies, he founded his first company with a focus on software development and web hosting. From 2005 to 2008 he led the development of some high-scaling real-time applications in the telecommunications sector and still is consulting in this field.