A client has abusive scripts in their hosting account. I don't want to deactivate th whole domain, because they still have right to use their email (they did not abuse that yet). So I logged in as the main client user and deactivated the domain with the abusive script, warn the client that they should contact me for information. I want to educate them and make sure they do it right before I reactivate their web domain. Email communication should continue so I don't want their email deactivated.

Problem with this scheme is that they can log-in to LiveConfig and re-activate the web domains. So I looked at the possibility to deactivate their access to the web domain configuration. This is however impossible. So the only way to inhibit users from reactivating their web domain is by deactivating the whole domain including email.

The feature I request here is that the server administrator can change the Liveconfig access rights of the main client user, the same way the client user can do this for co-users he created. For the co-users namely appears a Save and Delete button. Would be nice when server administrators can also do this for the main client user. If that would be possible, I would deactivate access to domain administration for the related contract and problem solved.