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    Seht so aus das Apache Option FileInfo jetzt...

    Seht so aus das Apache Option FileInfo jetzt nicht mehr verfügbar ist, aber ich sehe das nicht ernannt im Änderungsverlauf. Bitte doch lieber erwähnen.

    Ich habe es gelöst (wie alle LC...
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    .htaccess: ErrorDocument not allowed here

    Warum kriege ich hier plötzlich diesen 500 Fehler bei Aktualisierung nach 2.8.0-r5579?

    In Drupal .htaccess steht:

    ErrorDocument 404 /index.php

    und kann leider nicht gut ohne funktionieren
  3. Soap API does not return a single "Kundendatensatz" as array

    In the description of CustomerGet it tells us that the return value is an array
    (Array mit Kundendatensätzen). This however is not always true. When there is only a single "Kundendatensatz" then...
  4. Resellers: invoke methods with customer's permissions

    I am wondering what means "Resellers: invoke methods with customer's permissions" in section 5.1.2 of the API documentation and how to accomplish this with only the admin SOAP access? Or was this an...
  5. I am preparing a migration script for clients of...

    I am preparing a migration script for clients of one reseller from one server to another. Still no answer to this question. In the reseller permission I see that the SOAP API permissions are...
  6. Erronuous Postfix configuration when mail server domain equals mail address domain

    After migrating to another server and upgrading from Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to 18.04 LTS, I decided that it has little use to have a separate subdomain for the mails server when this client likely will...
  7. Another error that needs correction is that the...

    Another error that needs correction is that the other texts of this particular feature appear all in English even though they are translated in Poodle ( mail.cpp:1934 and mail.cpp:1936)
  8. Wrong help text for Email Account > Self service: allow e-mail user to log in...

    The help text as checked in poodle is "Help ID 'tutorial.databases.access'" and this refers to email access, not database! Please correct this and let this feature have its own helptext.
  9. No news? Again I run into this problem.

    No news? Again I run into this problem.
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    Debugging Single Sign On

    On my developper system I tried this, first following the instructions of

    Then I tried the instruction inside...
  11. Possible bugs hostingplan, subscription, client account propagation

    I noticed that a client was not able to create mailboxes because the domain did not appear in the select box. I then discovered the possible reason. The hosting plan was supposed to be email-only but...
  12. Vielen Dank für die schnelle Antwort. Hat prima...

    Vielen Dank für die schnelle Antwort. Hat prima geholfen!
  13. DRINGEND: Von exclusiv zurück nach gemeinsame IP Addresse?

    Wie geht das? Das LC Basic lasst mich keines zweites Domain einrichten weil das erste eine exklusiv IP Adresse hat. Wie kann man das zurücksetzen?

    Ich habe es schon probiert in dem Vertrag die...
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    .httpd.conf for Proxy virtual domains & skel support

    Thread 13206 suggests the use of a proxy domain to use LE certificates for LC itself, taking away the administrative hassle of updating and manually installing valid LC certificates.

    From apache...
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    2 Jahren alte Frage ohne Antwort. Auch nach so...

    2 Jahren alte Frage ohne Antwort. Auch nach so lange Zeit für mich noch immer interessant! Ich bin die gleiche Situation und würde bitte Antwort bekommen.
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    Kann jemand nach diese rechtlich sehr...

    Kann jemand nach diese rechtlich sehr interessante Diskussion auch noch bitte sagen ob LiveConfig Email mittels Kundendeaktivierung sperren kann? Was Liveconfig versprecht sollte sie doch bitte auch...
  17. VirtualHost specific .httpd.conf also for Proxy

    Presently the only way to customise Apache configuration is to create a .httpd.conf as root in the subscription home directory which is then included inside every VirtualHost, except Proxy domains. ...
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    DNS serial: How it is formed and updated

    Today I added a test subdomain and I am doubting the serial got updated. It says 2017082309 ; serial which suggests that it is the ninth update on the 23rd of August. Today is the 25th so I expected...
  19. also-notify and forcing rewrite of /etc/bind/named.conf.options

    I have the following in my custom.lua:

    bind.LOCALOPTIONS = {
    ["allow-recursion"] = "{ trusted; <my-kvm-host-ip>; }",
    ["also-notify"] = "{ <my-ns2-ip>; <my-ns2-ipv6; }"
  20. Let's Encrypt SSL-Zertifikat für den LiveConfig-Server

    Manuell geht das schon aber ich würde gerne wissen wie man es automatisiert.
  21. In the spirit of Let's Encrypt include it in Basic

    I think the idea behind Let's Encrypt was that no-one would need to be without certificate and therefore they donate the certificates. However LE is not that easy to implement, and some would still...
  22. I don't have a problem that there is a MX record....

    I don't have a problem that there is a MX record. I do have problem that I cannot override it per domain. In principle this domain needs MX service but not with the local mail server. I don't want it...
  23. MX and other automatic DNS records should appear in DNS manager

    When you have a mail server with the name, then with active DNS management, every domain you add to this machine will automatically have as default MX record...
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    Had to do with bootstrapping ns A and AAAA...

    Had to do with bootstrapping ns A and AAAA registers. Bind kept asking for these records and the bind failure also interrupts the rewriting of the bind configuration.
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    [solved] bind.LOCALOPTIONS fails

    bind.LOCALOPTIONS = {
    ["allow-recursion"] = "{ trusted; xx.xx.xx.xx; }",
    ["also-notify"] = "{ xx.xx.xx.xx; }"

    This does seem to be picked up by the lua script.
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